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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Need For Speed Carbon (NFS Carbon) Full Version Torrent Free Download

12/17/2013 07:15:00 PM
Need For Speed Carbon Is 10th Edition Of Game In Need For Speed Series Developed By EA On November, 2006. This Game Has Exciting New Features And Cars. You Will Start Your Game As Career And Race With Your Friends You Are Already Racing And Evading Against Cops. As you Know That In Many Need For Speed Games When Starting They Give You The Fastest Car And Than That is Totalled Always And You Need To Buy An Car For You. This Game Has Also This Type. First You will be Given BMW Then It will Totalled And You Need To Go To Shop To Buy New Car. In Starting There is Very Less Performance Of Car But After You Will Get Achievements By Winning Races In 1st Position Like Engine, Transmission, Nitrous, Turbo, Suspension, Brakes And Others. You Will Be Challenging Boss When Territory Is Achieve By You And Controlled. You Will Race With Boss And After Finishing First You Will Survive The Canyon In Which First You Have to Stay 50FT Near Boss And Score As Much As You Can. Then The Stage 2 Is Begin In Which You Have To Go Very Far From Boss And Decrease Scoring Level. Once You Have Been Finished You Will Have To Select Two Markers. You Can Also Play Challenge Series. There Are Reward Cards Gained From Career Races And Milestones. You Can See Reward Card And Complete And You Will Get And Reward Like Car, Autosculpt etc. You Can Play Online With Your Friends But You Will Need An EA Account. Don't Worry You Will Create From There Only!. You Can Select Sprint, Circut, Pursuit Tag, Pursuit Knockout etc. Note That Pursuit Tag And Knockout Is Not Available In Career Mode. The Territory Is Continuously Attacked And Controlled By Others. So If You Decide Not To Defeat They Will Attack And Control Your Territory And You Have To Race Again And Control. In This Game There is Added A Crew Member Which Helps You Crew When Racing. Don't Worry If They Become On First Position. You Will Win If They Finish First. But If Someone Else Take Position You Will Loose. The Crew Member Is Coloured With Green Colour On Name List When Racing And Our Name Is Blue Colour. If You Have Completed Career And Challenge Series Then Try To Gain Reward Cards That Will Allow You To Gain Cars And Autosculpt Items. No Cash Is Required. Just Go And See What Is Requirement For Car Or Autosculpt Item Example One Reward Card Is Gain When you Have completed Career And 200,000 Bounty etc. The Cars Which Are Gain Are Stored To Car Lot And You Can Purchase From There By Cash. Once The Career Is Finished You Will Only Get 500 Cash When You Play Again. First You Will Get 5000 Cash Or 10,000 Or 15,000. You Can Challenge Friends Online. Your Friend Also Have To Join Online. First You Will Send Him Friend Request Then Challenge In Any Race. So Play And Enjoy This Version Of Game. Stay Connected For More Games.


Survive The Canyon

The New Canyon Duel And Drift Race Modes Are The Ultimate Test of Skill And Nerve, Where One Turn Wrong Will Brings You More Than One Race.

The City Is Yours For The Taking

Every City Is Controlled By Rivals And Your Friends. Race For Control Of The City By Racing And Taking Down Rival Crews On Their Turf, Then Defeat Their Crew Leaders In Life Or Death Races In Carbon Canyon.

Customize Your Dream Cars

Customize Your Car By Your Dream Cars By AutoSculpt Car Customization Tool That Gives You The Power To Design Car According To Your Need.

Build Your Crew

Strategically Defeat Your Boss Race in Each Terittory And Choose Your New Crew Members To Increase Your Bonuses And Skills On The Road And In The Garage To Help You Win Races And Customize Your Cars. No Matter If They Win 1st.

Screen Shots





System Requirements

  • CPU= Pentium IV 2.4 GHz Or AMD Athlon XP 2200+
  • RAM= 1GB(XP), 2GB(Vista)
  • Graphics= NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Or ATI Radeon 9800 (128 MB)
  • Video Memory= 128MB
  • DirectX= DirectX9.0c
  • OS= Windows XP, Vista, 7 , 8, 8.1
  • HDD= 3.50GB
  • Size= 1.50GB


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