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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cue Club Snooker And Pool Free Download Full Version PC Game

12/24/2013 11:35:00 PM

Cue Club Snooker Is Developed By And Is The Best PC Game Which Is Very Popular In The World All Snookers Or Pool Games Among The Child's And The Elders. But In Now Days, Computers Have Been Increasing Day By Day And The Price Is Decreasing. Every Person Have At Least Second Hand Or New Computer And Every Child Is Playing Games. Child's Are Playing Higher Than The Elders. The Developer Of This Game Gives A Lot Of Option And Playing Features In The Cue Club. It Is A High Quality 3D Game (Not DirectX Or OpenGL) With The Best Quality Atractive For The Players And New And The Age Of Users And Its Very Easy To Install And Play With Any Type Of Windows Including Windows 8.1. The Pack Is Integrated With 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Snooker And Speed Ball And Its Fully Optional. There Are Six Types Of Games (Quick Match, Two Players, Virtual Chat Rooms, Tournament, Practive And SLAM!) Games So Quick Match Contains 8-Ball And Euro 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Killer, Snooker, Mini-Snooer And Speed Ball. So You Can Play With Computer Or You Can Two Play With Your Friends.

How To Play

The 8-Ball Instructions Are That There Are 15 Balls In First. You Will Need To Either Pot Solids Or Strips To Pocket To Table. Then Pot Again. If The Solid Is Potted In First Turn Then Pot Solid In Second Turn. Otherwise Computer Will Take That Solid. Then Pot All 7 Solids. Remember There Are 7 Solids And 7 Strips And 1 Black Ball Which Is Called (8-Ball) Which The Main Ball Of Game Thats Why Is Called 8-Ball Pool. So If You Pot 8-Ball Before Potting All Of Your Solids, You Will Lost Game. Just Pot After Your 7 Solid Is Potted. The Euro 8-Ball Is Same Like This But It Has Two Colours Ball That Is Yellow And Red Than Solids And Strips. If You Pot Red First, Of Course You Have To Pot Red Like Solids First. Remember That If You Pot White Ball In Pocket The Oppnent Will Get Ball In Hand Which Means That He Can Pick And Drop Ball Anywhere He Wants To Pot The Ball.

For 9-Ball There Are Simple Instructions. There Are 9 Balls Including 1-9 Balls Number. In This Game There Is No Solids Or Strips. You Have To Pot Balls In Orders Like First 1 Ball, Then 2nd (Second) Than 3rd And In Last You Have To Pot 9-Ball. If You Pot 9-Ball Before Potting All Balls, You Will Not Lost But Your Opponent Will Takes Turn. REMEMBER That If You Potted One Ball And Than 9-Ball Also Potted With That Ball You Will Win Without Potting All Of The Ball. If You Didn't Understand At All Then Please Comment Below!

Sorry I Don't Know How to Play Snooker Or Mini-Snooker.

For Killer You Select 9 Players And Play With Your Friends At One Computer. For Speed Ball, You Have To Pot All Balls Before Time. Don't Worry You Can Pot Any Ball.

You Can Also Play Tournaments In Which You Have To Qualify To Quarter-Final, Semi-Final And Then Final.

  So Play And Enjoy!

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Screen Shots

System Requirements

  • CPU= Intel Pentium II Or I With 266 MHz CPU
  • RAM= 128 MB
  • Graphics= Any Card With Atleast 64 MB Graphical Memory
  • Video Memory= 3D Hardware Accelerated Video Card With 16-Bit Colour Display
  • DirectX= DirectX 7.0
  • HDD= 30 MB
  • OS= Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
  • Size= 15.87 MB


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